01Everything connected

Enabling animals to digitally connect to devices removes the uncertainty of your data accuracy.  Now you don’t have to wait to make quicker, better decisions – it’s real time! All with animal welfare and standards at the heart of our technology, ensuring your research process is ethical and efficient. Somark's Labstamp and Digitail solutions will deliver value for money, avoiding unnecessary time, expense and data errors.

Tools that speak the same language

Digitail is based on proven technology. Connecting your existing devices and using Digitail products ensures your digital SensaLab is plug and play. You can easily upgrade your lab not your equipment, allowing the benefits to be immediately realized.

02A smarter Vivarium

State of the art identification tools connected to a 21st century colony management system is at the core of providing increased standards of service at a cost effective level. 

Whether breeding your own or ordering animals in, tracking the right animals to agreed standards efficiently and accurately gives researchers confidence in the services provided with an underlying audit trail to prove it. 

Integration of digital animals improves the ability to track costs even down to the individual animal level if required. 

Tasks and resource management are made easier.  Many tasks are automated and no longer need specialist skills, allowing easier allocation and flexibility across the work force. At the same time freeing up precious skilled resources to focus on substantive non-repetitive tasks.

Whether reporting to regulators or seeking or renewing AAALAC accreditation, you will be able to access better provable data efficiently. 

Hello automation, goodbye error rates

Error rates will disappear and you will be able to measure and prove this. Accurate auditable data without variation can be collected efficiently and in ways that demonstrably improve animal welfare.

Happy animals – reliable results

Remove more confounding variables from your research by ensuring the health of your animals and minimising handling stress.

03Next Generation Research

The Digitail platform integrates with leading vivarium and research software systems to ensure automated data management and reliable scientific conclusions. Digitising your animals connects them to your digital lab device data outputs and ensure reliable data quality for improved analytical processing.

The old fashioned, error prone, inefficient analog lab of the past is replaced with modern, efficient, dependable lab processes and results.

Automated, transparent, accurate

We’ll give you certainty that the right animal has been associated with the right data. 

With 70% of research funding spent on labour the efficiency of this technology allows you to minimize re-work and waste and allows you to allocate the best resources to the most important tasks. 

It frees researchers to focus their valuable time on the science, not the administration.  It provides them with definitive, accurate data and tools to gain insight and produce scientific papers and to prove the data accuracy to regulators.

The technology also diminishes the volume of animal handling, minimizing the impact on research and creating the most efficient environment for the researcher.

04Better business

Drug discovery costs continue to escalate. Data accuracy and reproducibility are key factors in these escalating costs. Finite resources also mean that sometimes poor studies are selected to progress to human trials, and more worthy candidates are not progressed.

Technology leads to certainty and efficiency.  This efficiency is a competitive advantage and those that harness it will have grasped a critical element in their future success.  The focus needs to be on the value of such certainty and efficiency. Insignificant amounts saved by utilizing poor methods of identification and data collection pale in comparison with the downstream effect.  True understanding of cost of use versus cost of application is at the core of this insight.

Your product to market faster

Delay or even obstruction of getting products to market comes at great cost.  As an industry, we need to be certain as early as possible.  We need to make decisions to terminate or move forward as early as possible.  We need to fail faster and win with certainty.

Improve your patent ROI

Ensuring we can see the wood for the trees means we can identify the true likely winners and focus our resources on these.  Getting them to human trials earlier, generating confidence in regulators and maximizing the patent ROI.

05Built for today and tomorrow

The digital SensaLab® is achieved by implementing the Digitail RFID platform and integrating it with your digital lab devices and software systems. It delivers a platform for the future that will support cost effective grow and add greater benefit as a result of higher quality scientific data integrity. The state of the art technology platform means it protects the past and future-proofs your investment.

View the SensaLab® ecosystem.

Build your future lab

Build your future lab

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