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Somark Innovations is proud to be exhibiting at this year's 71st National AALAS Virtual Meeting. Why not speak with Somark and learn more about how we can help you

As a global leader in laboratory animal identification and data management, we are proud of our longstanding association with AALAS and its valued members and partners.

We are running an extensive and comprehensive schedule of events during the virtual meeting, which includes live demonstrations and a series of educational talks with key stakeholders from the sector.

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How can we help you go from good to great?

Somark’s products include the world’s smallest RFID tag creating a digital mouse, which is the foundation of Somark’s SensaLab ecosystem. Somark is also enhancing visual identification through our Labstamp product, which automates tattoos to the tail of laboratory mice.

Our solutions drive improvements in animal welfare, research data management and vivarium efficiency, delivering benefits to your IACUC, your investigators and your husbandry teams.

Why not learn more about how you can achieve these benefits for you, your team and your wider organisation?

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