Somark Innovations

Somark Innovations is a global leader in laboratory animal identification and data management.

Somark’s platforms create connectivity between test animals and the systems that record and analyze the data, reducing human intervention and potential for error. This breakthrough requires fewer test animals and improves animal welfare. The result is better science for researchers and better business for companies supporting research advances.

Drug development is expensive, and reliability with reproducibility is vital, as preclinical research is pivotal for clinical trial outcomes. More reliable pre-clinical research reduces the lead time of drug development and increases and brings-forward revenue opportunities.

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Traditional methods of identifying laboratory animals introduces inadvertent human error and inaccurate recording. Somark’s products include the world’s smallest RFID tag creating a digital mouse, which is the foundation of Somark’s SensaLab ecosystem.

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Somark is also enhancing visual identification through our Labstamp product, which automates tattoos to the tail of laboratory mice.

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Somark has created the world first digital mouse, with the only RFID tag specifically designed for laboratory rodents, increasing the accuracy of test animal identification and data recording.

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Research & Reporting

We are modernizing the laboratory environment with innovative products to streamline and accurately identify and assess test animal characteristics through the research and reporting phases.

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