SensaLab® Study Software

SensaLab® Study Software combines the latest best practice in experimental design, planning and execution with an electronic lab notebook solution.

SensaLab® Study Software

Connected to SensaLab® Connector for automated data collection and input, SensaLab® Study Software is the most effective study management platform available, allowing you to design, plan and execute your experiments and use our NC3Rs Experimental Design Assistant integration to ensure the highest standards of design are achieved.

SensaLab® Study Software Benefits

Exemplary experimental design

The highest standards of experimental design, planning and execution.

Easily reproducable data

Make your grant applications and publications stand out from the crowd with the exceptional inbuilt rigour and reproducibility capabilities available to you.

Better welfare

Track humane endpoints and receive notifications when approaching or beyond the threshold permitted.

Higher productivity

Productivity savings from automated experiment scheduling and data collection.

Accurate data

Ensure accurate, quality study data.

Data transparency

Enables the highest standards for reproducible research and post approval monitoring.

Secure profiles


User roles and profiles are linked to Login security.

Accurate animal inventory


Organisational setup and definition create a virtual representation of your organisation’s facilities to ensure accurate and at a glance views of your animal inventory and census.

Easy allocation


Workbench to manage your mice allocation to cages and racks using our simple and effective drag and drop approach.

Easy colony management


Colony management with individual animal records, inventory tracking and census.

Easy approvals


Protocol design and management for ethics and licence approvals.

Automated with SensaLab® Connector


Study design, planning and execution, with automated data collection and updates when connected to SensaLab® Connector.

NC3Rs Compatible


Integration of the NC3Rs EDA system to provide study design support and evidence for experimental design best practice.

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