SensaLab® Handheld Reader

SensaLab® Handheld Reader allows for better mobility in the lab environment so that you can read Digitail™ tags on the go.

SensaLab® Handheld Reader

SensaLab® handheld Reader enables fast and accurate reading of Digitail™ Tags, ensuring you can correctly collect and associate experimental or observation data with the right animal every time, removing errors from your data.

SensaLab® Handheld Reader Benefits

Fast & accurate data

Removes error from data input. Data input is automated - making it fast and accurate.

Refinement benefits

No data attrition means you no longer need to increase your sample size to get your required data set.

Easy to use

No expert knowledge required, just point and scan.

Workflow & Productivity

Improved workflow within the ecosystem leads to greater productivity.

Fast identification

Quick and easy to identify specific rodents.

Accurate & Auditable

Provides an accurate audit trail - automatically records the date, time and staff member collecting the data.

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