SensaLab® Connector

SensaLab® Connector is the heart of the SensaLab® platform and is designed to connect all of Somark’s devices and collect and manage data to and from the Digitail™ Tag automatically. This ensures the integrity of the data collection and management process establishing accurate, auditable data without variation.

SensaLab® Connector

Small and ergonomic, SensaLab® Connector provides multiple connection options for all types of devices to a powerful application that easily and quickly manages the integration of your animal ID with lab device data and observations.

SensaLab® Connector Benefits

Fast & accurate data

Removes error from data input. Data input is automated – making it fast and accurate.

Real-time information

Provides real-time feedback on study data including end point notification such as weight, tumor growth and body condition score.

Automated data exchange

Fully automates the exchange of data with your studies and colony management systems.

Accurate and auditable

Provides an accurate audit trail - automatically records the date, time and staff member collecting the data.

Additional information displayed

Displays additional information about the animal you have identified, from your colony and study system.

Easy to set up

Easier to set up than laptops, tablets and PCs. SensaLab® Connector comes with device and application integration pre-configured. It is easy to use with minimum training required. 

Connects with existing devices


Allows existing lab devices and systems to connect to the platform and protects the investment already made by our customers.

Remote task management


Send tasks (observations, measurements, procedures etc.) to the SensaLab® Connector application from your Study or Colony systems to manage tasks in different areas of your facility – or by your CRO partner.

Touch screen display


Adjustable touch screen display with click and point - no manual data input required.

High level data security


Connects using data encryption ensuring a high level of security for your data.

Multiple connections


Connect via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or 4G. Connects to multiple, concurrent lab devices with multiple Bluetooth, USB and RS232 (serial port) connections.

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