Labstamp is the most effective method of both applying and reading a visual identification for mice.

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Labstamp Benefits


Can be read perfectly every day the mouse is on your study or kept in your vivarium.

Refined application

Minimally invasive and completely avoids any lasting harm (as confirmed by the PAWS research group at Newcastle University).

Improved animal welfare

Helps reduce the stress from handling and avoids tissue damage associated with other methods of ID.

Easily read

In customers studies reading the Labstamp tattoo can be over 30% quicker to read than ear tags, ear notches or even permanent pen marks.

Easy to use

Even the most novice animal technician can learn to use Labstamp perfectly, in minutes.


Pricing to meet all budgets and the benefits outweigh the investment in Labstamp and the consumables.

The world’s most refined visual ID


Our patented Labstamp technology ensures a perfectly legible visual ID, a tattoo, can be applied to a mouse tail and will last the lifetime of the mouse.

Easy and reliable to read


Labstamp tail tattoos can be read without handling the mouse, from above the cage. In studies, Labstamp tail tattoos were over 30% quicker to read than ear notches and 50% quicker than metal ear tags.

Better animal welfare


The application process is faster and minimally invasive, ensuring no permanent, lasting harm. Labstamp has been approved for use by authorities in North America, Europe, UK, Australia, Japan and other countries.

IDs to suit all needs


Labstamp supports over 56,000 unique character options, different ink colours to suit different strains and even the option to tattoo pre-weaned pups.

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