DigitailTM Injector


Implant the Digitail Tag with safety and ease!

Digitail™ Injector

Digitail™ Injector is our patented technology designed to safely and consistently implant the Digitail™ Tag into the tail of the rodent.

Digitail Injector

The most humane implant method

The Digitail Injector consists of a reusable handheld unit and single use disposable cartridge. Through a 21-gauge needle, the Digitail Tag is implanted quickly and relatively painlessly into the rodent’s tail.

The Injector provides a unique and improved method of implanting RFID tags (also referred to as transponders) for digital identification of rodents: the system does not push the tag into the tissue, but leaves the tag in place after retracting the needle.

Mouse RFID identification tag being applied

Our implant method ensures the technician can control the depth of the needle and the precision location of the tag implant site. The risk of injury or tissue trauma is eliminated using the Somark solution.

Also, there is no need to anesthetize the animal, nor any need to shave any fur, further improving the experience for the animal.

DigitailTM Injector

A unique way to restrain your mouse

Implanting the tag in the tail ensures only one technician is needed to perform the procedure. To make the process even easier, we also provide a specially designed restraint, which enables the technician to have both hands free when implanting the tag.

The restraint secures the tail whilst leaving the mouse free to comfortably move under the red dome. The tail cannot be pulled away from the technician and unlike traditional tube restrainers, the mouse does not need to be pulled backwards by the tail and is not squashed.

This restraint method and implant process minimizes the stress experienced by the mouse (and the technician!).

Benefits with the Digitail™ Injector

Simplified tagging

Simplified tagging

Designed to simplify tag insertion.
Better animal welfare

Better animal welfare

Animal welfare front of mind, safely and humanely injects the tag.
No sharp risk

No sharp risk

Unique needle retraction method ensures minimal animal stress and no sharps issue for humans.
Easily injecting

Easier injecting

Tail insertion location makes it easy to perform the injection and no sutures or surgical glue needed.
MRI/CT scan compatible

MRI/CT scan compatible

Compatible for use with imaging tests.
Minimal waste

Minimal waste

The Digitail Injector is a reusable handheld unit, creating minimal waste.
Digitail Benchtop Reader v2

Digitail™Benchtop Reader

Digitail Benchtop Reader comes with the free LinkTo application to manage reading of the Digitail™ Tag, the world’s smallest RFID Tag used in preclinical research, with automated transfer of the animal ID into any of your systems

Digitail Benchtop Reader enables fast and accurate reading of Digitail Tags, ensuring you can correctly collect and associate experimental or observation data with the right animal every time, removing errors from your data.

Digitail™ TSL 1128 BT Handheld Reader

Compatible Digitail™ Portable Readers

We can recommend a wide range of compatible, portable Digitail Readers which allow for better mobility in the lab environment. If you want to take a reader from room to room, hand readers or wearable readers which connect wireless to your data systems using Bluetooth connectivity, will be ideal.


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