Digitail™ Tag

This game changing technology integrates with the SensaLab® ecosystem protecting your investment in your current devices. It includes a unique humane insertion process, taking animal welfare to a new level for RFID Tags.

Digitail™ Tag Benefits


Can be inserted into the tail and will not migrate.

Refined injection

21-gauge needle meaning it is a significant refinement of method and strongly benefits animal welfare.

Higher animal welfare

Quick to insert, virtually painless and quick, leaving very little impact on the animal.

Easily read

5 cm read distance through a full 360 degree field making it easy and consistent to read.

Small & powerful

The smallest and most efficient RFID tag in the market.


Low price which is also the best in category. It represents unmatched value.

The world’s smallest RFID Tag


Our patented technology is 6mm length x 0.5mm width x 0.25mm height making it the smallest RFID Tag designed for rodents. It uses a 21-gauge needle and is bioinert.

Write and read reliably


Fastest and most reliable read and write capability. It can be read in a 360-degree field  and is MRI/CT Scan compatible.

Higher animal welfare


Implants into the same place in the tail every time and it doesn’t move making it more refined than inter-scapular methods and with no puncture wound – no suture, no glue.

Auditable data


Facilitates the creation of an audit trail and a secure chain of custody.

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