Digitail™ Injector

Digitail Injector consists of a reusable handheld unit and single use disposable cartridge. Through a 21-gauge needle, the Digitail Tag is implanted quickly and relatively painlessly into the rodent’s tail.

Digitail Injector Benefits

Simplified tagging

Designed to simplify tag insertion.

Better animal welfare

Animal welfare front of mind, safely and humanely injects the tag.

No sharps risk

Unique needle retraction method ensures minimal animal stress and no sharps issue for humans.

Easier injecting

Tail insertion location makes it easy to perform the injection and no sutures or surgical glue needed.

MRI/CT Scan compatible

Compatible for use with imaging tests.

Easy to use


The device consists of a reusable handle and a single use disposable cartridge. The needle retracts into housing after use to avoid sharps disposal.

Preloaded cartridges


The cartridge houses a 21-gauge needle which comes preloaded with a Digitail™ Tag. Once inserted into the tail the needle retracts, leaving the tag in position within the tail of the rodent.

Minimal waste


The Digitail Injector is a reusable handheld unit, creating minimal waste.

Full range


Select from a range of cartridge volumes, delivered in EtO sterilised packs.

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