Ai.Tag™ is a fully automated injection technology that implants the world’s smallest RFAi.D Tag™ to help you keep track of your mice, pups and rats.


Ai.Tag™ is a modular designed device that automatically injects the RFAi.D Tag™ system using a 21-gauge needle and our patented low-impact delivery system into the tail of mice, pups and rats.

Ai.Tag™ uses advanced sensors to humanely guide the tag to a precise depth and position in each rodent’s tail for permanent, digital identification for the life of the subject.

Coordinated by our intelligent controller, Ai.Control™, each animal becomes a Digital Mouse™ and interfaces to your environment and equipment through our SensaLab™ platform.

Ai.Tag™ Benefits

Higher productivity

Ensuring that much of the pre-clinical research process is automated, efficient and accurate.

Improved animal welfare

No anaesthesia of the mouse required, no impact on tail veins. Using a 21-gauge needle it safely and humanly implants in a repeatable location consistently.

Easy to use

No training required or expert knowledge needed to use the modules.

Healthier animals

Reduced handling means less animal stress or injury.

Accurate & auditable data

Enables in conjunction with our SensaLab™ platform  a clear audit trail tracking the accuracy of your study data.

MRI/CT Scan compatible

Able to use with imaging and MRI scans.

World’s smallest RFAi.D Tag™ Tag


Incorporates the world’s smallest RFAi.D Tag™ for use in rodents, with a guaranteed unique identification code.

Safe and humane injection


Once a rodent is loaded into Ai.Tag™ and the task is issued, the controller safely and humanely injects the tag into the rodent’s tail without human intervention.

Minimal training required


Minimal training required, all you have to do is restrain the animal and the system takes care of the rest.

Concurrent application


Link up to five Ai.Tag modular devices to deliver concurrent application of IDs.

Fastest digital ID system


Up to 30 rodents per minute when used in optimum configuration, making this the fastest digital ID system in the world.

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