Ai.Read™ interfaces with Ai.Connect™ to manage reading and writing of data to and from the RFAi.D Tag™, the world’s smallest RFID Tag used in pre-clinical research.


Ai.Read™ enables fast and accurate reading of RFAi.D Tags™, ensuring you can correctly collect and associate experimental or observation data with the right animal every time, removing errors from your data.

Ai.Read™ Benefits

Fast & accurate data

Removes error from data input. Data input is automated – making it fast and accurate.

Refinement benefits

No data attrition means you no longer need to increase your sample size to get your required data set.

Easy to use

No expert knowledge required to use the modules.

Workflow & productivity

Improved workflow within the ecosystem leads to greater productivity.

Fast identification

Quick and easy to identify specific rodents.

Accurate and auditable

Provides an accurate audit trail - automatically records the date, time and staff member collecting the data.

Connect via Ai.Connect™


Connect to Ai.Connect™ to manage reading and writing of data to and from the Digitail Tag™.

Accurate data capture


Accurately identifies your animals and displays the information on Ai.Connect™



Adjustable and removable antenna means you don’t have to pick up your mouse at all. Read the RFAi.D Tag™ in a beaker or tunnel, or even through your isolator walls.

Reads at distance


Effective read distance.



Lowest cost readers on the market.

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