Ai.Ink™ is our fully automated tattoo application technology to make your research both better and simpler.


A modular device that automatically and efficiently applies permanent visual identification to mice, pups and rats. Ai.Ink™ uses advanced sensors to tattoo at the precise depth of each rodent’s tail to ensure permanent, clear and consistent visual identification for the life of the subject.

Ai.Ink™ Benefits

Statistically accurate

Your tattoo lasts for the lifetime of the rodent.

Easy to read

The font is specially developed  to avoid misinterpretation errors.

Readable with all rodents

We have ink that is suitable for light and dark coloured rodents.

No side effects

We’ve developed our products with your animal's health at its core.

Healthier animals

Reduced handling means less animal stress or injury.

Gentle on animals

No dermatitis, torn ears, carcinomas, or stress-induced immune responses. Most importantly, no fatalities.

Accurate identification


Ai.Ink™ provides fast, accurate and permanent visual identification. Using consistent visual identification to make it quicker and easier to identify your samples.



You can also link up to five Ai.Ink™ modular devices to deliver concurrent application of IDs to up to 15 rodents per minute when used in the optimum configuration, making this the fastest visual ID system in the world.

The fastest visual ID system in the world


When used in optimum configuration, up to 15 rodents per minute can be identified visually.

Choose your own ID


Apply up to six alphanumeric characters per rodent based on the tail size and age of rodent.

Easy to use


Our devices are designed to be easy to use by everyone. Minimal training is required, all you have to do is retrain the animal and the system takes care of the rest.

Not just mice


One modular device can tattoo rats, mice and pups.

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