Ai.D™ is an easy to use and intuitive way to manage and track your ID application process.


Our advanced animal identification system is comprised of our sophisticated control system Ai.Control™. This then manages our modular devices Ai.Ink™ and Ai.Tag™, while communicating with our advanced Ai.Colony™ Module all within our Ai.Cloud™ system.

Ai.D™ Benefits

Know who is who

Our device ensures the right animals receive the correct ID at the right time.

Fewer errors

Our method eliminates identification errors, such as duplicate IDs and also ensures no transcription error of the animal’s ID value in their colony are recorded.

Less stress

Reduced handling means less animal stress, for healthier results.

No side effects

Our devices are developed with your animal's health at its core. So there’s no dermatitis, no torn ears, no carcinomas and indeed no handling stress.

Lasts a lifetime

Enjoy the benefits of permanent visual or digital identification which lasts the life of the mouse.

No statistical impact

Our devices avoid ID misreading and loss of IDs, which in turn reduces error rates to the point where they have no statistical impact on all your research.



Ai.D™ allows you to quickly and accurately identify your rats, mice and pups. You can easily track how many IDs have been applied and when ID tasks have been completed. The ID sequencing is also fully customizable so that you can tailor it to your liking.

The entire process means there are fewer errors compared with other ID methods as it removes human error from the application process.



All our products are VHP, ETO chlorine dioxide gasses compatible so that they can be sterilized easily.



The Ai.D™ system is Bluetooth enabled and battery powered which allows great flexibility in both work practices and workflows. This means you can directly and quickly link up to five modules to deliver concurrent application of IDs, which could be a combination of Ai.Ink™ and Ai.Tag™ modular devices.



Our devices allow wireless connections between the controller and modular devices, and also has the potential to connect with other third-party peripherals. This is excellent for breeding facilities and Microbiome Research where the Ai.Ink™ or Ai.Tag™ device can be operated inside an isolator. Battery power also provides a power supply fail-safe so you can always safely identify your mice.



Our device automatically detects tail height at the rate of which you can get the animal into the restraint.

Record management


All our devices record the identification which has been supplied to that mouse and automatically updates that value in Ai.Colony™.



Our devices use advanced user authentication so only approved people can access your system, making sure everything is safe and secure.

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