Ai.Control™ is the brains of the Ai.D™ ecosystem, that links each Module to create an easy and intuitive way to identify your mice either through a visual and/or a digital ID.


Ai.Control™, our sophisticated control system, manages our modular devices Ai.Ink™ and Ai.Tag™, while communicating with our advanced Ai.Colony™ Module; all within the Ai.Cloud™ system.

Ai.Control™ Benefits

Know who is who

Our device ensures the right animals receive the correct ID at the right time.

Fewer errors

Eliminate identification errors, such as duplicate IDs and also ensures no transcription error of the animal’s ID value in their colony record are recorded.

Less stress

Reduced handling means less animal stress and better animal welfare.

Chain of custody

More accurate data and a fully auditable record management.

Avoid ID misreading

Never misread an ID. Reduce error rates to the point where they have no statistical impact.

Smaller data sets

No need to increase your sample size to get your required data set.



Ai.Control™ allows you to quickly and accurately identify your rats, mice and pups. You can easily track how many IDs have been applied and when ID tasks have been completed.

Custom ID sequencing


The ID sequencing is also fully customizable so that you can tailor it to your methods.



Link and connect up to five modules to deliver concurrent application of IDs, this can be a combination of Ai.InkTM  and/or Ai.TagTM modular devices.

Monitor consumables


Ai.Control monitors Ai.InkTM and Ai.TagTM consumables, so you don’t have to.

Record management


Ai.Control allows all our devices to record the identification, which has been supplied to the mouse, and automatically update that value in Ai.Colony™.

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