Ai.Colony™ is a colony and vivarium management application designed as a software platform that enables researchers, animal technicians and management to improve the efficacy and efficiency of husbandry work, vivarium operations, research data collection workflows and chain of custody audit trails.


Ai.Colony™ provides the platform for collecting a greater breadth and accuracy of colony and vivarium management data to improve insights into how variables in these environments impact research outcomes.

Ai.Colony™ Benefits

Easy colony management

Manage your colonies easily and quickly, anywhere, anytime – all you need is an internet connection.

Comprehensive system

A comprehensive system supporting all aspects of vivarium and colony management from breeding to cost tracking billing.

Easy integration

With our flexible, modular system, you can use the features you need and easily integrate to your own internal systems.

Easy installation

Fast and easy to set up and configure the system to your needs – no need for any IT support – just login via your web browser.


Only pay for people that concurrently use the system.

Secure data

It is secure, scalable and resilient – don’t worry about backups, loss of data, disaster recovery – this is all included in your licences.

Auditable data


All activities are fully monitored, captured and reported to provide a comprehensive and accurate audit trail.

End to end management


Colony management of animal records, inventory and census managements and sentinel/hygiene colony management.

Procurement tracking


Accurately manage animals for procurement, costings, billings, delivery, etc.

Sample management


Track samples from source to store, including genotype biopsies.

Health monitoring


Track clinical observations and interventions, escalate issues and notify veterinary staff by individual animal.

Link all systems


Through the Ai.Link™ part of our system we can easily link with existing financial, security, procurement and training systems.

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