Ai.Cloud™ is the web based software application platform used in SensaLab™ to deliver advanced study management (and electronic lab notebook), colony management and data analytics capabilities.


Ai.Cloud™ provides a complete research and vivarium management platform with the three modules (Ai.Study™, Ai.Colony™ and Ai.Analytics™). It allows you to access your entire suite of research systems on any device (smart phone, tablet or computer) with an internet connection.

Ai.Cloud™ Benefits

Universal integration

Modular design so you can integrate your existing systems.

View data any time

24 x 7 x 365 days a year view of your data.

Cloud capable

Runs on Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Modular integration


Ai.Cloud™ is modular, so you can integrate any or all of these options with your existing systems, using our Ai.Link™ integration module.

Cloud capable


Ai.Cloud™ runs on the Microsoft Azure Cloud for the best performance, scalability and security available with flexible pricing plans to suit all sizes and types of research team, facility and budget.

Easy worldwide use


Designed and built for global use, Ai.Cloud™ provides configuration and multi-language options to support collaborative working around the world and a single, real time view of your data 24 x 7 x 365 days a year.

Easy installation


Ai.Cloud™ lets your valuable IT resources focus on what they do best for you and takes away the headaches of installation, integration and infrastructure management.

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