Ai.Analytics™ integrates seamlessly with the SensaLab™ ecosystem to provide insights from your data – with integrity and immediacy – ensuring you can be confident in your discoveries.


Create insights from your data in seconds – easy to build, easy and quick to share via email -  no need to buy database servers, enabling you to focus on analysis, understanding and insights.

Ai.Analytics™ Benefits

Full control

Take control of your reporting and analysis needs.

Easy & accurate reporting

Easily produced and accurate regulatory reporting.

Convenient storage

Avoid data storage infrastructure bottlenecks.

High performance

Avoid performance degradation.

Personalized models

Develop robust statistically reliable models to analyse your data and discover insights from your experiments.

Real-time analysis

View, understand and learn faster with real time data analysis.

Easy starter kit


A Reporting and Dashboard Starter Kit to get you up and running managing key aspects of your operations and experiments.

Report how you like


Build your own reports and Dashboards using the Power BI tool kit.

Easy statistical modelling


Develop statistical models using R Server for HD Insight.

Predictive analytics


Use predictive analytics based on machine learning tools to discover hidden relationships in your data and identify new targets for discovery analytics.

Integrate existing tools


If you already have and use other analytical tools, such as SPSS, MatLab, SAS, SigmaPlot, and others you can integrate these by using the Ai.Analytics™ Data Store

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