Digital Mouse AALAS Special Offer

Somark Innovations is proud to support our Academic and Not for Profit customers with this special AALAS 50% discount offer.

Our special AALAS Digital Mouse offer for Academic and Not for Profit customers

50% off our normal price

Our AALAS 2020 Digital Mouse 50% discount offer

Somark is delighted to make our AALAS Academic and Not for Profit customers a special 50% off DIGITAL offer at the 2020 National Meeting when ordered directly from us.  This recognises the very real challenges you are all facing with different work practices required by the COVID Pandemic and the ever increasing interest in establishing DIGITAL practices.  We are pleased to announce the unprecedented price of $3,995 to allow you to receive a LinkTo package including the first 200 of our unique Digitail Tags, our equally unique injector, our restraint and a benchtop reader.  All this together with our revolutionary LinkTo plug-in which will allow you to associate each tagged animal with your spreadsheet or applicable Software. This is a significant saving on our usual pricing and we are offering this for the duration of the AALAS National Meeting only.  The full price will be paid within our usual 30 day net terms.  All additional consumables will be at our full list price.

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