The most effective visual identification method for mice

Digitail™ Tag

The world’s smallest, implantable RFID tag specifically designed for rodents and with an effective read distance.

Digitail™ Injector

Digitail™ Injector is our patented technology designed to safely and consistently implant the Digitail™ Tag into the tail of the rodent.

Digitail™ Benchtop Reader

Digitail™ Benchtop Reader interfaces with your laptop to automate reading of Digitail™ Tags.

Digitail™ LinkTo Application

Digitail™ LinkTo Application is Somark's benchtop reader program that automates the display and transfer of your animal ID into any of your lab systems, for fast and 100% accurate animal ID capture and verification

Digitail™ Handheld Readers

Digitail™ Handheld Readers enable mobile tag reading capability with automated animal ID capture and transfer into your lab systems

How can I benefit from SensaLab®?

SensaLab® will bring your lab into the future with accurate and automated data collection that is paperless and auditable, making it easily reproducible and easy to share.

Alongside Digital Mouse®, SensaLab® will enable you to do fewer repeated tests, with lower error rates across multiple programs - increasing your return on investment and bringing life changing treatments to patients faster than ever.

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