Ai.D™ is an easy to use and intuitive way to manage and track your ID application process.


Ai.Control™ is the brains of the Ai.D™ ecosystem, that links each Module to create an easy and intuitive way to identify your mice.


Ai.Ink™ is our fully automated tattoo application technology to make your research both better and simpler.


Ai.Tag™ is a fully automated injection technology that implants the world’s smallest RFAi.D Tag™.


Ai.Inject™ is our patented technology designed to safely and consistently implant the RFAi.D Tag™ into the tail of the rodent.

RFAi.D Tag™

The world’s smallest and most cost efficient RFAi.D Tag™ specifically designed for rodents and with an effective read distance.


A web based software application platform that delivers advanced study management, colony management and data analytics capabilities.


The heart of SensaLab™ and designed to connect all of Somark’s devices and collect and manage data to and from the RFAi.D Tag™ automatically.


Ai.Study™ combines best practice in experimental design, planning and execution with an electronic lab notebook solution.


Improves the efficacy and efficiency of husbandry work, vivarium operations, research data collection workflows and chain of custody audit trails.


Ai.Read™ interfaces with Ai.Connect™ to manage reading and writing of data to and from the RFAi.D Tag™.


Ai.Analytics™ integrates seamlessly with the SensaLab™ ecosystem to provide insights from your data.

How can I benefit from SensaLab™?

SensaLab™ will bring your lab into the future with accurate and automated data collection that is paperless and auditable, making it easily reproducible and easy to share.

Alongside Digital Mouse™, SensaLab™ will enable you to do fewer repeated tests, with lower error rates across multiple programs - increasing your return on investment and bringing life changing treatments to patients faster than ever.

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February 28, 2019 / News

RFID Journal February Issue - UHF RFID Solution for Laboratory Animals Aims to Boost Productivity, Accuracy

Featured interview with Chief Technology Officer and Chief Commercial Officer of Somark as they discuss new technology for tracking and managing animals on research studies.

February 07, 2019 / News

Don’t miss the Laboratory Animal Science 2019 Virtual Event

This years theme will focus on Digitization, Digitalization & Digital Transformation

February 04, 2019 / News

Join us at the 2019 FELASA Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic

Somark will be demonstrating the latest revolution in data management for pre-clinical research.

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