Somark to Exhibit at AACR 2023, Orlando, FL April 14-19

Visit out booth at #2246 and meet the team to discuss your lab animal identification needs

Somark is proud to be exhibiting at the Annual Association for Cancer Research (AACR) meeting in April.  AACR is the world’s pre-eminent event where the latest and most exciting discoveries in cancer research are presented, and innovative research tools are displayed in the Exhibit Hall.  Somark will occupy booth space #2246.

At this conference, Somark will demonstrate two state of the art platforms for the identification and tracking of laboratory animals in research trials:

Labstamp, the worlds first automated animal ID system,  delivers microencapsulated tattoo ink precisely into the dermal layer of the tail.  This produces a permanent visible ID in the form of an alphanumeric tattoo.  The durability of Labstamp outpaces traditional methods such as magic markers that must be re=applied weekly, and is an improvement in animal welfare over bulky metal eartags or ear notch systems that can compromise animal health and introduce variability.  Labstamp is easy to use and requires no anesthetics for the animals.

Digitail is the world’s smallest, fastest, RFID tag for digital identification of lab animals.   The purpose-bred design of Digitail is 16 times smaller by weight and volume than any other RFID tag available, allowing it to be placed in the tail of the animal away from target tissues.  The UHF technology that Digitail uses is the most recent advance in RFID technologies, providing the fastest read time and other advantages such as not interfering with animal imaging procedures and the ability to read multiple tags (animals) at once.  Somark’s LinkTo app connects the reader signal to the user laptop where the animal ID and associated data can be delivered to any software program.  Direct digital capture of research data minimizes human mis-identification errors and allows for greater throughput. At AACR, Somark will demonstrate the integration of Digitail identified mice (mock mice only) with various software solutions also on exhibit at the meeting.



Somark looks forward to meeting with both existing research customers at the meeting, and new researchers looking for improved methods to assure the reproducibility of their studies.  Please plan to visit Somark at booth #2246.

Attendees who would like to book a time for a 1:1 discussion with Somark at AACR can do so here:

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Date: March 03, 2023

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