Somark Group and Fuel3D™ Press Release 15th October

Somark Group and Fuel3D™ to showcase the digital lab of the future at AALAS 68th National Meeting.

Somark Group and Fuel3D™ today announced a new collaboration to help advance global oncology research. The integration of Somark’s SensaLab™ platform and Fuel3D’s Bio Volume™ 3D scanning solution for measuring subcutaneous tumours enables more consistent and accurate data collection and improved traceability in preclinical research studies.

Somark’s SensaLab platform is designed to integrate research rodents with laboratory equipment to protect the chain of custody and provide accurate auditable data without variation, efficiently and with improved animal welfare.

Fuel3D’s Bio Volume is a revolutionary new way to measure and analyse tumour volume and is a replacement for legacy calliper technology. It has been designed to improve measurement accuracy, inter-operator consistency, animal welfare, compliance and workflow efficiencies. It has been developed and tested in partnership with one of the world’s largest life sciences companies.

Both technologies offer strong support for the 5Rs including rigour and reproducibility and are in the vanguard of moving preclinical research from an analogue to a digital environment. Somark and Fuel3D see great synergies and benefits for customers and science in integrating their systems. This has been echoed by a significant number of research groups looking at these technologies worldwide.

Commenting on the collaboration, Adrian Knight MD Somark Group said: “We are delighted to work with another innovative partner in Fuel3D. This new collaboration builds on those we have already established with Charles River Laboratories and Transnetyx for the benefit of science. It extends the value of our SensaLab platform and provides a clear demonstration of why connecting ‘digital’ mice with laboratory devices drives efficiency and increases effective, accurate and reproducible science, while improving animal welfare."

“Fuel3D’s innovative technology not only enables tumours to be measured more accurately and consistently, it gives researchers the power to record data and associate and file images with a full time and date stamped audit trail. The Lab of the future has arrived!”

George Thaw, CEO Fuel3D commented: “The future of data collection is digital and we are excited to be collaborating with Somark to provide a transparent, traceable and accurate solution for measuring and tracking tumours in rodents. The move to digital measurement ensures a level of consistency from individual to individual and site to site that is just not possible with analogue methods.”

Both companies will be showcasing their innovative technologies at AALAS National Meeting which takes place 15-19 October 2017 in Austin Texas at stands 350 (Somark) and 2229 (Fuel3D).

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About Somark

Somark provides technology that improves science globally, dedicated to reducing costs, improving animal welfare and delivering accurate auditable real-time data which improves the quality of your research. The Somark technology suite is designed to facilitate pre-clinical animal research, transitioning the sector into the digital age. This paradigm shift delivers new levels of accuracy and security to the chain of custody for pre-clinical research. It allows less handling of the animals, improved productivity and delivers significant 3R benefits. The accurate auditable data produced is compliant with the new FDA SEND protocol. Our powerful analytics engine, including machine learning will help you produce greater insight and more scientific outcomes.

About Fuel3D

Fuel3D develops innovative 3D scanning solutions for leading global brands and pioneering organisations. Their technology is re-defining solutions and inspiring better experiences across a wide range of industry sectors from medical research to security and retail. Born out of Oxford University, Fuel3D has offices in Oxford, UK and Greenville, North Carolina, US. Fuel3D are at the forefront of innovation in 3D technologies with their core technology platform which rapidly and accurately captures and analyses texture, colour, shape and volume data, making it a world-class solution for organic subjects and human form applications.

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Date: October 13, 2017

Category: Press Release

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