Digitail now integrates with BioVolume from Fuel3D

Creating your Lab of the Future, now by automating your animal identification and tumor volume data capture with Somark's Digitail RFID tag for rodents and Digitail Benchtop Reader with Fuel3D's advanced BioVolume solution for oncology researchers.

Somark and Fuel3D are delighted to announce the integration of our DigitailTM tag reading with the BioVolume solution using our DigitailTM Reader.

Ensuring the reproducibility of any study is paramount, and a key factor in this is ensuring the experimental methodology is built around a fully traceable data collection process.

By combining the latest technologies for animal identification and measurement capture, BioVolume and the Somark DigitailTM Benchtop reader allow for a fully automated identification and capture process that eliminates the possibility of misidentification and data translation issues that are often present in traditional methodologies.

To learn more about this important advance for oncology researchers, see how easy and effective the integrated solution is via this link and watch the video here.

Date: April 01, 2021

Category: News

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