How will I be able to purchase SensaLab™ equipment?

Phone us on +1 800 430 1243 or email us at orders@somarkinnovations.com to have your local representative contact you to discuss your requirements.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes, we offer a Service Plan for all the SensaLab™ solutions, including Ai.D™, Ai.Connect™, Ai.Read, the software application, Ai.Cloud™ and its 3 modules.

Can I trial the SensaLab™ solution?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied that the SensaLab™ solution you have purchased is meeting your needs, return the equipment and we will cancel the system software licenses too.

Do I have to buy all the SensaLab™ solutions?

No, you can pick and choose which solutions you need. If you wish to use our RFAi.D Tag™, you will need to also have our Ai.Inject™, Ai.Connect™ and Ai.Read™ products. We can advise you on how to configure the solution based on your needs. Please contact us to have your local representative work with you to propose the best solution.

Can I just buy the RFAi.D Tag™?

In order for the RFAi.D Tag™ to be safely and consistently implanted into the tail of your rodents you will also need our Ai.Inject™.

Our Ai.Read™ antenna can only read our unique RFAi.D Tag™. These have been optimized to connect to our Ai.Connect™, which provides all the rich functionality needed to use RFAi.D Tag™ as more than just a method of identification. Our Ai.Link™ solution supports Ai.Connect™ connectivity to existing study and colony management systems – please contact us to discuss your needs and help us understand what systems you use today so we can advise how to integrate with your existing systems.

Will Ai.Connect™ and Ai.Cloud™ work with my existing RFID transponders?

Ai.Connect™ and Ai.Cloud™ have been optimized to work with our RFAi.D Tag™ and readers. However, Ai.Cloud™ will support existing methods of identification, but not automated data collection using these existing identification methods.

Can I swap my Labstamp for the new Ai.D™ solution?

Yes, we offer a new Service Agreement for existing Labstamp customers which we can show will save you money by upgrading to our new technology when including the significantly lower cost of the consumables, as well as saving your staff time when using the new Ai.D™ system. Please contact us at orders@somarkinnovations.com to discuss your requirements.

What if I have a lot of unused ink slides – can I get a rebate on these?

There is no guarantee of a rebate, but our representative will work with all our existing users to manage an effective transition to the new technology and all its benefits.  Please contact us so we can deal with your individual circumstances.

Do you offer an Ai.D™ Complete package like you do with Labstamp?

Yes, when you buy an Ai.D™ solution, we provide an Ai.Control™, one Ai.Ink™, one set of restraints (you can choose which sizes). In addition, you may then order the right quantity of ink / needle cartridge (you can choose the ink colour). Each cartridge will provide 600 individual characters.  There are optional extras, such as battery packs, UV lights and additional consumables – please contact us at orders@somarkinnovations.com to discuss which extras you are interested in purchasing.

Will my Labstamp work with SensaLab™?

No, the Labstamp solution does not have the advanced connectivity now available with Ai.D™. We will discontinue support and production of consumables for Labstamp at a time yet to be decided and which we will provide at least 6 months notice of. Please contact us to discuss the upgrade options that are available and let us show you how this works for you. The best time to upgrade your systems from existing Labstamps is now.

Can Ai.Study™ work with my existing Colony Management System?

Yes, our Ai.Link™ solution enables Ai.Study™ to exchange data with colony management systems.

Will Ai.Colony™ work with my existing Electronic Lab Notebook System (ELN)?

Yes, our Ai.Link™ solution enables Ai.Colony™ to exchange data with ELN or study management systems.

Can I still use my existing analytics tools with Ai.Cloud™ modules?

Yes, most modern analytical tools, such as MatLab or SPSS, support integration with our Ai.Analytics™ data platform.