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Digital Mouse®

Digital Mouse® is revolutionary animal identification and data collection technology that is designed to be NC3Rs study design compatible.

Digital Mouse® Video

SensaLab® Injector and Digitail Tag™

SensaLab® Injector is our patented technology designed to safely and consistently implant the Digitail™ Tag into the tail of the rodent.

SensaLab® Injector & Digitail™ Tag Video

SensaLab® Connector

Small and ergonomic, SensaLab® Connector provides multiple connection options for all types of devices to a powerful application that easily and quickly manages the integration of your animal ID with lab device data and observations.

SensaLab® Connector Video

SensaLab® System

Accurate, auditable data is critical to reproducibility and scientific insight. By creating digital mice and using Somark’s SensaLab® System to connect devices and animals, we move preclinical research from an analogue world to a digital one. This allows you to conduct research in the most efficient and accurate manner and minimizes any harm to the animal.

SensaLab® System Video


The Labstamp® System is a significant breakthrough in protecting the accuracy and integrity of scientific research. With advanced automation and TriCell™ technology, the Labstamp® System provides unsurpassed consistency, readability and durability for visual mouse identification.

Labstamp® Video